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A Tax Credit, which is the dollar-for dollar reduction of your tax liability, is better than a tax deduction, which only reduces your taxable income before taxes are computed.

Instead of sending all your state taxes to the State of Arizona, you can make a contribution to a public school. A.R.S. §43-1089.01 allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT  up to $200.00 for “Single” or “Head of Household” tax filers and up to $400.00 for “Married Couple Filing a Joint Return” when contributing to EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in public schools. This gives you the opportunity to help your local school. The tax credit is available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. It would be advisable to consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax status.


Extracurricular activity means any optional, non-credit educational or competitive school sponsored activity that supplements the education program of the school. Activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education or character education programs can be funded with tax credit money. Extracurricular activities do not include any events that are recreational, amusement or tourist activities.

You may select which school and which program you would like to support. The amount of the tax credit you take does not have to be for the total allowance. You can make a difference in our schools with just $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00. In addition, the credit may be split between one or more schools and/or one or more programs. 


Complete the attached form and return to the school of your choice by April 15, 2020 or mail to the District Office prior to April 15, 2020 in order to take it off your State of Arizona taxes at the time you file for 2019. Arizona Tax Credit Donation Form
Create an online payment by going to this link  

It is easy! The District will provide you with a receipt verifying that you have contributed to an eligible extracurricular activity.

For more information contact Wendy Taylor at the District Office, 623-535-6000.

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize the Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD) either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction

Purchasing and Warehouse

Welcome to the Purchasing Department of Litchfield Elementary School District. We are committed to spending LESD79 taxpayer dollars in the most efficient and effective manner. We invite you to utilize our website for answers to your purchasing questions.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for developing and administering consistent, fair and effective purchasing practices while providing service to all Litchfield Elementary District schools and departments. Its goal is to obtain the maximum value for every dollar spent while complying with the procurement policies set forth by the LESD79 Governing Board, the Arizona Administrative Code, the Uniform System of Financial Records, and Arizona Revised Statutes. All purchases that involve public money are subject to the purchasing thresholds and procedures based on these thresholds. 

Guiding Principles

Our District is guided in procurement procedures by several established principles. These guiding principles include but are not limited to:   

  • Conducting all procurement in accordance with Arizona State Law, rules, regulations and LESD79 Governing Board policies.

  • Obtaining the best quality for the best price in a timely manner.

  • Maximizing and encouraging fair competition, and providing interested and qualified vendors with an opportunity to offer their products and/or services to the District.

Vendor Information

The Purchasing Department at Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD79) processes approximately 4,000 Purchase Orders each school year. We also prepare approximately 20 Invitation for Bids (IFB), Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Written Quotations annually. 

LESD79 is committed for developing and administering consistent, fair and effective procurement practices while providing excellent customer service to all District Schools, Departments and Stakeholders. We strive to obtain maximum value for every dollar spent while remaining compliant with the procurement policies established by the LESD79 Governing Board, State Board of Education Procurement Rules, Uniform System of Financial Records and the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.).

The School District Procurement Rules are available on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website in Title 7 Education, Ch. 2 State Board of Education (Board), Articles 10 and 11, School District Procurement.  

School District Procurement Rules the Board recently adopted are available at: Rules | Arizona State Board of Education (

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How to do business with the  litchfield elementary school district

An IRS W-9 form and Vendor Registration Form are required from all firms/vendors prior to the issuance of a District Purchase Order. Contact the Director of Purchasing and Warehouse to obtain the documentation. For individuals using their Social Security Number as their tax identification, the District will also require a copy of your Social Security Card and Valid Identification Card (such as a driver's license). 

Current Solicitations:

LESD79 maintains its Vendor Bid Registry at For an opportunity to receive and respond to open solicitations, your firm must register at The District encourages participation by all businesses in our solicitation process, including but not limited to: local businesses, small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women’s business enterprises. 

Additionally, Litchfield Elementary School District is a member of the purchasing consortiums listed below. We utilize their contracts for purchases as well as our own Litchfield contracts. If you are interested in learning more about these consortiums, click on the links below to be directed to their websites. 

Litchfield Procurement also maintains current vendor information on registered vendors. If you are a registered vendor with the District and have had a change of address, tax change, merger, etc. please email Purchasing Department with the details about the change. We will send you new documents to complete and return in order to keep our records up-to-date.

surplus disposal

The District utilizes two venues for disposal of surplus materials/ equipment. Refer to the information below for the auctioneer information.

For Online Auctions, all Bidders are required to follow the Terms and Conditions for Online Sales. Review the Internet-Based Sales, District's Current Listings and Instructions for bidding online on the vendor website are linked below. All Online Auctions Shall be Posted for minimum of fourteen (14) days. 

LIVE Auction:                                                                                                                    Sierra Auction Management, 3570 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019.  Phone: 602-242-7121. 

ONLINE Auction:                                                                                                            The Public Group, LLC                                                         

Terms and Conditions of Online Sales

Online Auction Sales Terms and Conditions

Litchfield Standard Disclaimers                                        


Additional Information

Tami Garrett

Director of Purchasing Construction, Professional Services, SFB Projects, Federal Procurement

Purchasing Agents:

Shelly Catlin
Community Education, District Office, Facilities, Food Service, Special Education, Technology

Chelsea Hard
Curriculum, Elementary and Middle School Supplies, Transportation, Nursing Supplies

Fixed Assets and Records Management Accountant

Warehouse Supervisor
Manuel Fimbres
Main Warehouse Address:
18921 West Thomas Road, Building E
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Warehouse Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.