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A Tax Credit, which is the dollar-for dollar reduction of your tax liability, is better than a tax deduction, which only reduces your taxable income before taxes are computed.

Instead of sending all your state taxes to the State of Arizona, you can make a contribution to a public school. A.R.S. §43-1089.01 allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT  up to $200.00 for “Single” or “Head of Household” tax filers and up to $400.00 for “Married Couple Filing a Joint Return” when contributing to EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in public schools. This gives you the opportunity to help your local school. The tax credit is available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. It would be advisable to consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax status.


Extracurricular activity means any optional, non-credit educational or competitive school sponsored activity that supplements the education program of the school. Activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education or character education programs can be funded with tax credit money. Extracurricular activities do not include any events that are recreational, amusement or tourist activities.

You may select which school and which program you would like to support. The amount of the tax credit you take does not have to be for the total allowance. You can make a difference in our schools with just $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00. In addition, the credit may be split between one or more schools and/or one or more programs. 


Complete the attached form and return to the school of your choice by April 15, 2020 or mail to the District Office prior to April 15, 2020 in order to take it off your State of Arizona taxes at the time you file for 2019. Arizona Tax Credit Donation Form
Create an online payment by going to this link  

It is easy! The District will provide you with a receipt verifying that you have contributed to an eligible extracurricular activity.

For more information contact Wendy Taylor at the District Office, 623-535-6000.

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize the Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD) either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction


February 23, 2024 - Welcome to the LITCHFIELD LINK. A community-wide, digital newsletter designed to keep our teachers, staff and parents informed of the latest news happening at the district level. We encourage you to submit any topics or ideas that you would like to see in The Link to

Dear Litchfield Elementary School District #79 families,

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates and important information with you in our latest newsletter. We invite you to view the video below addressing various topics for our community. Here's a brief summary of what is covered:
  • School Boundaries
  • Announcement of School #17 Principal
  • New Director of Transportation 
  • Safety measures at LESD79 schools in partnership with CENTEGIX
A Message From Superintendent Carter Davidson, Ed

Verrado Heritage Elementary School Earns A+ School of Excellence Award from the Arizona Educational Foundation

Verrado Heritage Elementary School earned the prestigious A+ School of Excellence Award! We are so proud of all of the students and staff who made this possible. Arizona Educational Foundation shares that schools that earn the A+ School of Excellence consistently share the following traits:  

  • Model quality and equity
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to academic excellence
  • Respond successfully to the changing environment of education
  • Cultivate learning-centered, safe school environments
  • Encourage innovative instruction by supporting teachers
  • Actively address students' social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs
  • Demonstrate superior ability to go above and beyond the norm in providing services to children, families, and the local community
Congratulations Verrado Heritage Elementary School! 
Learn more about this award of the AEF website.

Regional LESD79 Sports Champions During the Fall and Winter Season

We are proud to highlight our outstanding regional sports champions for their remarkable achievements during the fall and winter seasons. Their dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship shown by our student-athletes resulted in numerous victories and truly exemplify the values within our educational community.

Fall Season: 
  • Verrado Middle School 8th grade girls volleyball - Undefeated season 
  • Verrado Middle School 8th grade boys volleyball - Undefeated season 
  • Wigwam Creek Middle School 7th grade volleyball - 10-3 Season
  • Western Sky Boys soccer team - Undefeated season
Winter Season:
  • Western Sky Middle School 8th grade girls basketball - Undefeated season
  • Western Sky Middle School 7th grade girls basketball - Undefeated season
  • Western Sky Middle School 7th grade boys basketball season - Undefeated season 
We are also proud to recognize the remarkable achievements of our cheer team during their cheerleading competition.
  • 1st place Wigwam Creek Middle School
  • 2nd place Western Sky Middle School
  • 3rd place Belen Soto
Participation in sports fosters invaluable qualities like teamwork, discipline, resilience, and leadership essential for academic and personal success. Congratulations to all of our students representing LESD79 on and off the field and a big thank you to coaches, families, and the LESD79 community for supporting our students. 

Increased Safety for Our Schools
Safety at our schools is a top priority and over the past few weeks, you may have noticed white electronic units installed at some of our campuses, part of the CrisisAlertTM by CENTEGIX, a new safety and security platform being rolled out at LESD79.  
The CENTEGIX team will continue to work during non-instructional time to install and test the components of CrisisAlertTM in the remainder of our sites. The new CrisisAlertTM solution will enable all teachers and staff to call for help and provide first responders with actionable information to respond faster in any situation. This tool offers the ability to deliver alert location accuracy, total campus coverage, immediate notification, audio and visual notification, and simple activation by a press of a button.

Training and testing will be conducted through the current school year with expected full implementation at all of our schools for the 2024-2025 school year. We will continue to share updates as the installation of the CrisisAlertTM is completed and fully running.

Spring is State Testing Season
Testing season is right around the corner. If your child is between 3 and 8 grade, they will begin taking the state assessments this spring. These tests provide valuable insights into your child's proficiency in English, Language Arts, and Math. Please keep in mind that teachers have multiple ways to measure student learning and this is just one of those tools to help identify where your child is succeeding or may need extra support. We share the following tips on how you can help your child prepare for testing season.
  1. Make sure your child gets an ample amount of sleep every night, especially the nights before testing
  2. Students should eat a nutritious breakfast, as a reminder our schools also provide breakfast in the morning
  3. Make sure your child is on time, helping them prepare their things the night before can ease some of the morning rush and ensure they are prepared for the day
  4. Keep a positive attitude about testing in general around your child and emphasize their ability to demonstrate what they have learned
  5. If your child is sick, please call your child’s school to notify them of their absence 
Visit our website for additional information

Make Family Reading Time Fun

Often we find ourselves wondering what we can do to support our children, especially when our day-to-day routines fill our busy schedules. A key foundation to our children’s educational success is parental engagement. But even then, we wonder how can we engage with our children. One great way is to make time to read together. Reading together not only fosters a love for stories but also creates lasting bonds and supports academic success. Whether your child is just starting to recognize letters or diving into chapter books, there are numerous adventures you can go on through the pages of a book.

For younger children, snuggle up and share a picture book filled with colorful illustrations. We even encourage you to change the pitch of your voice for the different characters and invite your little ones to dictate what they think each character sounds like. As children grow, encourage independent reading and age-appropriate books that spark their interests. A visit to the library can also be a fun weekend family event.  

Did you know children from birth to age 5 can receive free books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library? See if you are eligible
by clicking here. Happy reading!

Make a Tax Credit Contribution Before April 15 and Apply It to Your 2023 State Tax Liability

When making a tax credit contribution to a school, you not only support our schools but also benefit from tax credits. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your state tax liability, meaning you may be able to lower the amount of taxes you owe to the government.

Your contributions can be applied to a variety of things such as sports, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education, or character education programs. The tax credit is available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. Make a 
tax credit contribution today.

Download the ParentSquare App Today

Schools across LESD79 are using the ParentSquare app to connect families on current events at your schools with the availability for direct communications with your classroom teachers, signing up for volunteer opportunities, and sharing critical information. 

Stay involved with your child’s learning and activities at school. 
From anywhere. 

Available for Apple and Android devices. 

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