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A Tax Credit, which is the dollar-for dollar reduction of your tax liability, is better than a tax deduction, which only reduces your taxable income before taxes are computed.

Instead of sending all your state taxes to the State of Arizona, you can make a contribution to a public school. A.R.S. §43-1089.01 allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT  up to $200.00 for “Single” or “Head of Household” tax filers and up to $400.00 for “Married Couple Filing a Joint Return” when contributing to EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in public schools. This gives you the opportunity to help your local school. The tax credit is available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. It would be advisable to consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax status.


Extracurricular activity means any optional, non-credit educational or competitive school sponsored activity that supplements the education program of the school. Activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education or character education programs can be funded with tax credit money. Extracurricular activities do not include any events that are recreational, amusement or tourist activities.

You may select which school and which program you would like to support. The amount of the tax credit you take does not have to be for the total allowance. You can make a difference in our schools with just $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00. In addition, the credit may be split between one or more schools and/or one or more programs. 


Complete the attached form and return to the school of your choice by April 15, 2020 or mail to the District Office prior to April 15, 2020 in order to take it off your State of Arizona taxes at the time you file for 2019. Arizona Tax Credit Donation Form
Create an online payment by going to this link  

It is easy! The District will provide you with a receipt verifying that you have contributed to an eligible extracurricular activity.

For more information contact Wendy Taylor at the District Office, 623-535-6000.

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize the Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD) either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction

Governing Board Winter Break Message

The half-way point of the school year is upon us, and the Governing Board continues to be impressed by our student’s dedication to learning and our staff and teacher’s dedication to quality instruction, as evidenced by current year growth data.

The half-way point of the school year is upon us, and the Governing Board continues to be impressed by our student’s dedication to learning and our staff and teacher’s dedication to quality instruction, as evidenced by current year growth data. We will visit every school throughout the year and our visits to date have exemplified LESD’s commitment to academic excellence and student well-being. Keep up the good work!

Student success in classrooms is enhanced with support from district administration. The Governing Board wants to ensure you are aware of the following leadership additions and changes:

Deputy Superintendent of Academic Success – Dr. Bridget Duzy. This new position provides additional leadership, oversight, and analysis on the effectiveness of programs related to student achievement, curriculum, professional development, and assessment. In other words, Dr. Duzy looks at our current academic systems to provide support and continuous improvement toward increased student success.

Director of School Safety – Mr. Sergio Banales.  This is also a new position with the primary purpose of supporting the physical safety of students, personnel, buildings, assets, community, and any other physical use of District campuses.  Director Banales looks at our current safety systems to provide support and continuous improvement toward ensuring student and staff safety.

Superintendent Retirement – Mrs. Jodi Gunning: Superintendent Gunning has announced her intention to retire as LESD Superintendent in June 2024. While 18 months may seem like ample time to find our next district leader, we are taking immediate action to ensure a smooth transition. We anticipate launching a national search in early 2023, with a hire date in summer 2023. This will allow a year of leadership overlap for knowledge transfer, relationship building, critical planning, system analysis and strategic plan revision.  

Governing Board – Mr. Ryan Owens: November election results are final. Mr. Owens and I have been elected to the Governing Board with terms set to expire in 2026.  Board members Clymer, Hoenack and Zuidema’s terms will expire in 2024. We are grateful to Dr. Dowling for sharing his educational expertise during his term and wish him well.

Maintaining student success as our focus, the Governing Board commits to continue working together toward increased academic growth, positive relationships, high quality services, effective communication, and physical safety while maintaining accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

We hope every member of our LESD Family has a safe and restful winter break. Happy Holidays to you and your families!

In Service to Students,

Kimberly Moran

LESD Governing Board President


The Governing Board is elected by the voters to represent the community.  We are always open to feedback and invite you to reach out anytime:

Danielle Clymer   

Dr. Dennis Dowling (term ends 12/31/22)

Jeremy Hoenack

Kimberly Moran  

Ryan Owens        (term begins 1/1/23)

Melissa Zuidema