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A Tax Credit, which is the dollar-for dollar reduction of your tax liability, is better than a tax deduction, which only reduces your taxable income before taxes are computed.

Instead of sending all your state taxes to the State of Arizona, you can make a contribution to a public school. A.R.S. §43-1089.01 allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT  up to $200.00 for “Single” or “Head of Household” tax filers and up to $400.00 for “Married Couple Filing a Joint Return” when contributing to EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in public schools. This gives you the opportunity to help your local school. The tax credit is available to all taxpayers, regardless of whether they have children in school. It would be advisable to consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax status.


Extracurricular activity means any optional, non-credit educational or competitive school sponsored activity that supplements the education program of the school. Activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education or character education programs can be funded with tax credit money. Extracurricular activities do not include any events that are recreational, amusement or tourist activities.

You may select which school and which program you would like to support. The amount of the tax credit you take does not have to be for the total allowance. You can make a difference in our schools with just $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00. In addition, the credit may be split between one or more schools and/or one or more programs. 


Complete the attached form and return to the school of your choice by April 15, 2020 or mail to the District Office prior to April 15, 2020 in order to take it off your State of Arizona taxes at the time you file for 2019. Arizona Tax Credit Donation Form
Create an online payment by going to this link  

It is easy! The District will provide you with a receipt verifying that you have contributed to an eligible extracurricular activity.

For more information contact Wendy Taylor at the District Office, 623-535-6000.

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize the Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD) either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction

Board Members

working toward student achievement and excellent outcomes for all students is the essential work of school boards.

Melissa Zuidema - Governing Board President


Melissa Zuidema, Governing Board Member

Melissa Zuidema - As an advocate for public education, Melissa Zuidema believes strongly in parent and community support for our local schools. Ms. Zuidema has served in a variety of roles for the past 12 years on multiple PTA boards in our district and she currently serves on the Arizona PTA Board of Managers as the Southwest Valley PTA Council President. She feels that our success as a district comes directly from our world-class teachers and staff. She plans to work with all stakeholders to make open-minded decisions that focus on student growth and achievement while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Term Expires: December 31, 2024

Arizona School Boards Association Awards Received

  • Master of Boardsmanship
  • Certificate of Boardsmanship
  • Associate of Boardsmanship 


Danielle Clymer - Governing Board Member


Danielle Clymer, Governing Board Member

Danielle Clymer - As a firm supporter of public education and the role it plays in bringing communities together, Danielle Clymer serves on the LESD Governing Board to ensure continuity of both academic excellence and community involvement with the Litchfield Elementary School District. As the top elementary district in the state, LESD is able to offer parents a wonderful choice when it comes to educating their children. Mrs. Clymer works with other Governing Board members to provide transparency in both communication and finances, as well as engage parents and the community in open forums for feedback. As an ambassador for the district, Mrs. Clymer works to garner support for our neighborhood schools, encourage parents and community leaders to take an active role in public education and work with local and state leaders to properly fund public schools here in LESD and across the state.

Term Expires: December 31, 2024 

Arizona School Boards Association Awards Received

  • Copper

Jeremy Hoenack - Governing Board Member


Jeremy Hoenack, Governing Board Member

Jeremy Hoenack - has been involved in education and problem solving from childhood. My mom taught music at my elementary school. She invented a method to teach kids to read music before they knew the alphabet. I helped design textbooks with a built-in stand, and hired neighborhood kids to collate them in an assembly line in our garage. Her legacy lives on with her music books used by many school systems today. 

In the motion picture industry, I developed digital audio sound design technology and won many awards. Imagine teaching sound editing, which by itself is complicated, to people who had never seen a computer up close, and had no idea how it worked.

My youngest son skipped middle school completely, because there was nothing more to learn. With Covid changes and no direction to improve, schools will get worse. I know how to help make them the best again. 

Term Expires: December 31, 2024

Arizona School Boards Association Awards Received

  • Certificate of Orientation

Kimberly Moran - Governing Board Member


Kimberly Moran, Governing Board Member

Kimberly Moran is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BSBA in Accounting. She began her career with Deloitte and Touche, LLP and later held positions with Too Inc., L Brands and PetSmart Inc. before founding her own CPA firm. Ms. Moran is licensed as a CPA by the Arizona State Board of Accountancy and is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Ms. Moran’s financial acumen and commitment to high quality public education make her a strong asset to our Governing Board.

Ms. Moran has a long history of supporting our community and championing public education. She previously served on the Board of Directors for New Life Center, treasurer for the Rotary's Tin Man Awards, treasurer for The Church at Litchfield Park and member of the Safety Around Water committee for the Southwest Valley YMCA.  She currently serves as endowment chairperson for The Church At Litchfield Park.  In addition, she is an active member of Western Sky Middle School PTA and Millennium High School Band Booster. 

Arizona School Boards Association Awards Received

  • Certificate of Boardsmanship

Term Expires: December 31, 2026 


Ryan Owens - Governing Board Member


Ryan Owens Board Member 2023

Ryan Owens - Is a fifth generation Arizonian, raised in the far west valley and graduated from Tolleson Union High School in 2001. Ryan attended the US Air Force Academy and US Naval Academy before separating from the Air Force and attending Arizona State University to complete his undergraduate education. 

Mr. Owens received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, from Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Washington and graduated with his Juris Doctor in 2009.

Civic awareness and community involvement has always been a part of Mr. Owens life. Mr. Owens worked in the Arizona Governor's Office. Ryan served as the Governor’s representative for various organizations, including the Luke West Valley Council and Fighter Country Partnership.

Mr. Owens is a medical aesthetics sales representative living in the community of Verrado in Buckeye with his wife and two daughters.

Term Expires: December 31, 2026 

All written or electronic correspondence sent to Governing Board members or Litchfield Elementary School District staff is subject to public records requests and may be viewed by the public or media. Additionally, correspondence sent to Governing Board members may also be copied to the Superintendent, the Governing Board secretary, and the District legal counsel for review, possible response, or redaction before being made available to the public or media.